Bone tired

…not really.

But close enough.

If there’s one thing I can say about my performance today, it’s that I came into ALL my classes unprepared, and this is unforgivable.

The problem is that I’ve taught these lessons before, but for some reason, I just wasn’t fully present in those classes.

So today, for posterity’s sake, I record my day in bullets:

  • free first three periods
    • finished slideshow for review
    • printed worksheets and quizzes
    • wrote letters to parents
    • finished preparing for Prod.Crew/MediaTeam meeting (sort of)
  • 7B: suffixes + worksheets
  • 8A: (swapped with SocSci from yesterday) modals worksheet. class creamed me with questions
  • 20 minute lunch
  • Face to Faith mock sessions for three 50-minute periods
    • facilitator for one period
    • runner for the next
    • participant for the last
  • meeting with Prod and Media
  • blog
  • eat
  • sleep

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