The daily grind

Today was just OFF.

Last night, I felt great. I cooked pasta for my food the next day and even cooked extra to share.

The next day, though, as soon as I stepped out of the house, I knew something would be wrong. I turned the corner of my street and realized that I had left my glasses at home. Since I was already running late, I decided to just wing the day without them.

Pasta was eaten during breakfast instead of during lunch because life. (Yes, I just used the conjunction as a preposition. Apparently it’s a thing now.)

My back hurt most of the day.

I was lethargic because of this back pain.

I was hungry most of the day, too, and I don’t even know why because I had pasta for breakfast, a full meal for lunch, and chocolate milk for my afternoon snack (because I didn’t have any other food). <– Oh that’s why.

I also had some Korean twizzle sticks out of desperation to get food in my protesting tummy. Thankfully, boss had a spare pandesal to share. If I hadn’t been in her presence, I would’ve swallowed that thing in one bite.

This cold is making my joints hurt. It’s always been a curse since I was a kid. This is why I’m never migrating to places with cold winters. Or with any form of winter. AT ALL.

Here ends my rant.

I shall spend my evening curled up in bed with a book a student lent me. It looks like a pre-teen book about fairy tales. Meh. A book is a book.


Today’s random quote:

Me:             Bring food for sharing!
Student1:   Miss, seriously?!
Me:             Did you not get hungry from all this labor?
Student2:   Yes!
Me:             There you go.
ALL:           CAN WE BRING CHIPS?!?!?!?!?! (because chips aren’t normally allowed)

Tomorrow, I shall gorge on chips I can scavenge from the kids. And I’ll bring… something.


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