From negastar to megastar

Some friends and I have been keeping a daily nega jar in which we drop one peso if we project negative vibes because of work. In less than a week, we’ve managed to drop more than Php20 already.

Today, while we were airing our grievances (and therefore being negative), I asked if we could do a positive thing as well instead of just focusing on the negatives.

…So I got them to start their own Gratitude Lists. We’ve not completely let go of the nega-jar because girls need to talk about these stuff, but at least we’re forced to reflect and look for those happy and gratitude-worthy moments.

Small yay! 🙂


My Gratitude List for today:

  • I woke up feeling like crap, but I didn’t give in to it. Result? A fairly more productive day than if I had called in sick.
  • I didn’t get sick(er).
  • I got to eat pizza. And I just realized it’s for the second night in a row.
  • A friend bought chicken tenders for me for my lunch tomorrow. Yay for food!
  • My advisee who got into an accident was looked after immediately and carefully.
  • A colleague offered to let me come with her tomorrow to work EARLY. I LIKE BEING EARLY YAY THANK YOU!
  • I’ve got a cozy knit cardigan-cape-ish thing around me to ward off the cold.
  • I got to nap for 30 minutes during lunch break.
  • I finished checking half of my quiz papers.

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