Films over the break

Before Sunrise (1995)

Before Sunrise (1995)

Dialogue. Pure dialogue.


Only INSANE people would stick around to watch a movie in which nothing happens.

Two people explore a European city and do nothing but talk. And kiss sometimes, but mainly they just talk.

I put off watching this movie because of that, and I suppose what changed this time is that I had nothing else better to do and a friend had repeatedly enthused over this. It helped, as well, that he volunteered to watch “with” me.

I’m glad I did.

Jesse and Celine’s conversations and musings are definitely not for everybody, but in my opinion, everybody who watches the movie–and I mean really pays attention to the movie (I had to rewind some parts because I was chatting on Facebook)–comes away with some sort of self-realization. I don’t know what my personal realization is yet, but the only thing I DO know after watching this is that I identified so much with Celine. I don’t identify with her experiences, but it seemed that everything she said in that movie I could relate with.


I’ve THOUGHT those things also. Perhaps it was good that I put off watching this movie until now because I don’t think this movie would have made much sense to me if I had seen this when I was younger. I don’t think it’d have meant as much as it does now.

This kind of begs the question: what DOES it mean to me now?

This movie has in no way made me want to suddenly carpe the diem out of my life, but it has made me think about how I feel about things. I’m a pretty emotional person, but I’ve always been able to rationalize my feelings away, and as I watched Celine and Jesse exhaust the night away in conversation, I started to think why the hell I haven’t seized the frikkin day when I could have?

The whole movie, to me, was an exercise in spontaneity. Even though all that happened was mainly conversation, the act of sharing to a complete stranger and spending a whole day with A COMPLETE STRANGER is a spontaneous act, isn’t it? And it had to take SOME level of trust that what was going to happen was going to be life-changing in a good way. And here’s my realization, I suppose: that I’ve never been able to trust anybody completely.

Oh wait.

That’s not really new.

I suppose the movie just brought that back up to the surface.

I don’t know anymore.

My brain has stopped processing the movie.

Goodbye, world.

I’m going to watch a new movie:

What If with Daniel Radcliffe.


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