I fear mediocrity.

Sometimes I think that I have become what I fear: AVERAGE.

Or that I always have been.


4 thoughts on “Average

  1. There are plenty of things that I am not good at doing. If I can bring any of them to a level of “average” then that’s a plus. The opposite is just as compelling. If you are especially good at something, then you want to maintain that “above average” score and not let it slip. It is impossible for you, or anyone, to be at one extreme or the other on all that you are. So concentrate on keeping the ups up and strive to raise the downs. I think you may be prone to doing an above average job of beating yourself up just because YOU think you’re wallowing in mediocrity…but that’s your opinion and I am sure it is not the average opinion of those who know you. Wow, I wrote a sermon…didn’t mean to! Have a great 2015…in fact, make it a super above average year!


  2. Hey, Marc. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    I’d like to think I’m good at a lot of things, but I haven’t found anything I’m particularly EXCELLENT at, and this is what bugs me.

    I appreciate your comment and didn’t think it was a sermon! 🙂 May you have an excellent year ahead!


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