Shakespeare and I

Been reading Shakespeare recently to prepare for class, and I realized that it wasn’t Shakespeare himself I hated but his characters.

Especially the ones in his tragedies.

Take Romeo and Juliet. Just absolute stupidity running through their heads which got them and people they care for dead. This is why I’m having so much trouble planning for class: I hate the text.

And then you realize how brilliant Shakespeare is because you still feel passionately about his work hundreds of years later.


5 thoughts on “Shakespeare and I

  1. Although I am in the minority opinion, I am quite certain that Shakespeare set Romeo and Juliet up so that adults would find them impulse and selfish, and this angle makes it much more fun to teach, in my humble opinion.

    For sure, teenagers are meant to find them romantic, and Shakespeare is extraordinarily clever at playing both sides of the street in this and many of this plays.


  2. I might be part of the minority who, upon encountering Romeo & Juliet in youth, already found them to be idiots. I guess it stuck all the way to adulthood.

    I know what you mean; it IS fun to teach as a text, but when I try to think about the individual characters, I can’t help but shake my head. Again, a testament to the brilliance of Shakespeare who, as you say, is playing both sides. πŸ™‚


  3. Juliet was 13, not sure about Romeo. Have to reread again, but definitely both were young.

    We have a saying here, “tatanga-tanga sa pag-ibig” which roughly translates to becoming stupid in love. This is, in my opinion, applicable to this young couple. πŸ™‚


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