When songs ruin your night

You try to work, so you open Spotify and play your custom playlist.

The shuffle starts with a song easy on the ears. It’s one of your favorites (as well it should be because it’s custom nga eh), so you find yourself humming along and singing the chorus. The next song is another good one, and you sing in your head along to the artist. The third is another one you like, but you notice it mentioned fire again just like the two other songs before it. You pause and ask, “Coincidence? Or are the fates telling me something?”

And now all the songs that are playing are the hugot songs, the ones that scream at you to stop working and recall that awkward memory attached to the song. You press “skip” to avoid recalling. Up comes another song with another memory attached to it.

You skip to another song but decide you hate it and delete it from your playlist. You look at your other playlists and decide they’re all useless. You’re in no mood for Disney songs, nor for Broadway/musicals, nor for the head-banging rock playlists you have. You find yourself stuck in the hugot playlist.

So now you blog about it because what else is there to do?


One thought on “When songs ruin your night

  1. I can totally relate. Every song for me has a special memory that you sometimes want to remember, but most of the times you want to forget. Ang tagal ko na yatang hindi nakinig ng mga favorite songs ko. Haha..

    Pasensiya na at ngayon lang ulit ako nakabisita sa bahay mo sis. So glad to see that your blog is still alive!


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