Death notice

Yesterday I got the news from a colleague that an entire family of five was found dead in one of the homes very near the school I used to work in. When he told me the family name, I froze–I recalled a name, a batchmate and friend of my former advisees. I breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered it wasn’t him, but the relief was short-lived. The two boys were from that same school and could easily have been my students also.

Upon reading the news article (originally there were no names in the article; they got two of the names wrong) I felt goosebumps; I felt my blood run cold. The deaths themselves were tragic, moreso the reason and the manner. According to the news, it was a murder-suicide committed by the head of the family because of heavy debt. When I found out how the children died–even though I didn’t know them personally–I cried. There was no stopping the images in my head playing over and over again of how someone who was supposed to PROTECT you was the same person who would kill you. I could only imagine the fear and the desperation of the kids. I can’t, I can’t, I CAN’T get the thought out of my head.

They did NOT deserve that.

NOBODY deserves that.

I don’t know what prayer can do, but that’s all I can offer the family and the world.

A prayer.

A hope that the family will rest in peace.


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