Ilog Maria Royal Jelly Face Oil

Last December I got this during a Tagaytay road trip. A bunch of friends and I stayed at Belize Tagaytay Bed and Breakfast Inn then went around a bunch of places. We made it a point to drop by Ilog Maria, though, and I’m glad we did.

The place is a honeybee farm, and the people there make hygiene and skincare products using honey as one of the ingredients. A friend had raved about this place, so it was pretty exciting to see it.

The place was tucked away in… Well… somewhere. It was quite an adventure to try to locate the place and to actually journey through the narrow road that led to the farm. I’d show pictures, but most of the ones I took were blurred.

Anyway, the shop. THE SHOP. THE SHOP HAD THIS FACE OIL. And it is GENIUS!

I am one of those people who aren’t blessed with perfect skin, but after just one use of this, I became the biggest fan. You shake the thing first then put just three tiny drops (or big drops if the size of your skin area is bigger) on the palm of your hand before spreading it all over your face. You do this at night before going to bed and you’ll wake up with softer skin.

After a month one of my superiors told me that my skin had gotten better. I initially thought it was the Maybelline Pore Eraser I had just started using at that time, and maybe it helped, but I still credit the oil.

The expiration date is a year after date of purchase, and I hope I can finish it in a year. After a month I had barely diminished the bottle contents. You really don’t need a huge amount. The oil is cheaper in the actual store than if you buy online. Then again, if you don’t like the hassle of going on a treasure hunt-like adventure, then the extra amount shouldn’t be a problem.

The farm sells soap, shampoo, balms, and other things. Check out their website for more details especially on how to get there. The directions they posted are pretty straightforward, so you should have no problem getting there. (Best if you go by car, though.)



I’ve had this in my drafts for a few weeks now. I just realized that posting this right after my depressed post seems… bipolar. I also realized that maybe finally finishing and posting this helped me get my mind off the sadder thoughts.


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