April Fools

I hate this day.

This is the day the pranksters come to life. Even the most unassuming think, at the very least, of playing a joke on somebody (or on the whole world).

Case in point:

The Arctic Monkeys Tour

Spotted on Facebook

Spotted on Facebook

I shared the image with a “Is this an April Fools joke?” caption before actually opening the picture. The comments verified that indeed this was a hoax. *sigh*

Way to get people’s hopes up, you foul creature you.


3 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. I keep a low profile on April Fools Day as my family is pretty darn creative. And thanks for participating in A to Z!


  2. I hate April Fools Day too… I just don’t see the point of doing such pointless, stupid pranks. Some people really fall for them and I feel ever so sorry for them. Why, oh why?
    Popping over from the AtoZChallenge! Have an awesome day 😀

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