It’s Maundy Thursday in the Catholic world, and while my family observes the Lenten season, one cannot deny that this is the most boring times of the year. Your patience gets tested year after year.

When I was a kid, we didn’t have cable television, so we were stuck with the local channels, which unfortunately showed nothing but Lenten season specials starting Thursday all the way to Easter Sunday. It was all good because we learned to be creative with our time. I was too young then to participate in the actual activities for the Pasyon, so, if I’m not mistaken, that was when I had resorted to making up stories in my head. I had fanfiction in my head on the life of Christ. (What if Jesus and Mary Magdalene got married? What if I were part of the Super Book/Flying House crew and got to join in the adventures with Jesus?)

When I was old enough, I had to join the traditional dawn reenactment of the Salubong where Mary and Christ meet after the latter had risen from the dead. That was my first taste of waking up at 3am. After I got too old for that, I turned to books during this season. When I got even older, I had to go to Church as well. The rituals were pretty interesting, and I know that as a Catholic, I should be strictly following/observing these practices as well not only as a sign of respect and devotion but also as personal sacrifice. I can’t do it anymore. My reasons will remain private, but suffice it to say I’ve stopped attending the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday masses. While we do have cable television now, it’s sort of a personal sacrifice here at home not to watch TV during this season since we most of us already begged off from the activities. Today, our one consolation was one episode of the Korean reality show Roommate. After that, zilch.

I looked at my Instagram feed and saw friends and colleagues who were off on pilgrimages or vacations. In our family, going out was a no-no during the Lenten season, and this tradition carried over to my adult life. Invites of beach trips were turned down when they were scheduled during the Holy Week. What is my point? I forgot.

Oh yeah. Boredom.

Honestly, though, this is the kind of boring days I don’t mind. It’s a time to reflect and pray, and giving up your daily luxuries like TV or the internet (this one was very hard for me) is a small sacrifice to pay, in my opinion.

May you all have a blessed week. May you all be blessed every day of your lives whoever you are and whatever your belief is. 🙂


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