I’m no kitchen whiz, but I’m no klutz either.

Today being meatless Friday, I made some tuna pasta for dinner. No pics, though. We were all too hungry to bother with it.

Since I don’t know how to make pasta sauce from scratch, I turned to ready-made pasta sauces. A personal favorite would be the Clara Ole and Filippo Berio brands. The one pictured below is what I used earlier. It turns out the sauce isn’t just for pasta; you can use it with baked potatoes or sandwiches (IDK how it’ll work with the latter, though.)

Thank you interwebs for the pic.

Thank you interwebs for the pic. Click image to go to official site.

Anyway, I just added tuna flakes to the sauce for some extra bite. Oh and some water because the sauce was way too thick on its own. Top with grated cheese and there you go. 🙂

As for the Clara Ole brand, I like their Three Cheese tomato pasta sauce. I crumble some feta cheese and throw it into the mix to make it a four-cheese sauce. It’s absolutely dee-lish. 🙂

Speaking of cheese–and this makes me wonder if I should just change the title of this post to “Cheese”–I also add some grated cheese to scrambled eggs and put it on toast. I use the Wolfgang Puck method for making the perfect scrambled egg (sort of). My sister uses the Gordon Ramsay method. Either way, our scrambled eggs always come out great. 😀

The best part about cooking? The eating. (but of course)

Worst part? Clean up. 😀


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