Gratitude List

Haven’t done this in a while. I should remember to do this every day.

1. Ice cream

In this crazy summer heat, anything that can cool you down is a blessing.

2. Finishing a book

Finished Terry Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men, my third book for the year.

3. Dotello

This game kept my brain preoccupied while I wasn’t reading. 🙂

4. Line chat

Viber’s more popular, but Line has the better stickers. My friends and I are scattered all over the country and the world, and this is justbperdect for us to keep in touch and make plans

5. Movie dates

…like the “impromptu” movie date tomorrow because

6. Araw ng Kagitingan

…it’s a holiday tomorrow! Tomorrow is the Day of Valor, or basically the day we commemorate The Fall of Bataan, which started the Bataan Death March (Japanese soldiers made Filipino and American soldiers and captures civilians–one of which is a close friend’s grandmother–walk from Corregidor to Pampanga).

Okay now I feel guilty for going out tomorrow. :/


We’re not going out anymore. My friend’s daughter (only a year old) is getting admitted to the hospital now. They don’t know yet what’s wrong, but I hope and pray she gets better. :((


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