The word comes from kaladkad (not sure about the root word), which means to drag. It can be used as a verb or a noun. If as a verb, the word kaladkarin is a command to drag something or someone with/behind you. As a noun–and with stress/accenton different syllables–it refers to a person who lets himsel or herself get dragged along on impromptu outings.

I am a self-proclaimed kaladkarin, and today I allowed myself to be dragged down most streets in the world’s second oldest Chinatown: Binondo, Manila. We availed of Old Manila Tours’ Binondo Food Wok, which basically brings you to different significant Chinese-Filipino places to get a taste (literally) of the culture.

It is a walking tour, so we were just walking the whole time, ducking into old alleyways and buildings and the Binondo Church, but the best part was that this was a food tour, which meant that beyond the usual touristy stops, we got to go to restaurants that served authentic Chinese food. None of the fast food dumplings in the mall, for example. In our second stop, our food (assorted dumplings) was prepared in front of us–so fresh!

Today was a great day to be dragged around Old Manila, which used to scare me because it was just so old and looked so decrepit. Not only did we get to see the sights and eat food, we also got to shop at the nearby Lucky Chinatown Mall (and we girls went crazy over the crafting items).

Pics in my FB account and some in my IG account.


edit. I realize I wrote this close to midnight and I was already so sleepy. There were a lot of things I could have included here like that stop at the traditional Chinese medicine shop that sold–among others–dried lizards on a stick (boil, add herbs, drink tonic for asthma relief).


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