My last name starts with the letter M, and it’s a pretty unique surname. When I was a kid I didn’t like it because people kept on misspelling or mispronouncing it. Adults, upon reading it, would comment that it looked European, but others who heard it first before reading it thought it was a Chinese surname. Strange, yes, I know.

Former teachers, parents of my students, random adults have all mutilated my surname in one way or another, but there were those who actually loved it precisely because it was so different from the normal ones here.

As with everything about me, it took me forever to love my surname. I had wanted the more common ones. I had wanted to be a Sanchez or Dela Cruz or Benavides or something else because it sounded so established and posh. Then when I had to get my NBI clearance for work (no hits!), I came to appreciate how unique and perfect my surname was.

My surname DOES seem to have a posh ring to it. As for sounding established, I guess that task falls on my shoulders. 🙂


2 thoughts on “M

  1. My Last Name starts with a C and people would mispronounce it too. My First Name starts with a D and people are always mispronouncing it.. which is why I just started going by Dee Dee instead of Deanna.


  2. It may be because Americans mutilate most anything beyond Smith or Jones, but I often wonder why my last name which is only 4 letters and one syllable is so challenging for most people to pronounce correctly. Even some of my relatives pronounce it differently from the way I do. There is one advantage to this in that it easily identifies which branch of the family you’re with. For me, “Hey You” still works best.

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