Punta Verde Resorts (part2)


For the blog post on the Punta Verde Sands resort (updated with pics!), please click/tap this link.


Tucked away in a little known area just past the Laiya coast is a slice of quiet vacation paradise. No crowds, no loud karaoke, no noisy neighboring resort.

We were at Punta Verde Dive, a sister resort of sorts to Punta Verde Sands, also in Lobo, Batangas. However, this resort was located along the rocky side of the Lobo coast, and therefore not really ideal (far from it, actually) for sunbathing or playing in the water. However, Dive does have a gorgeous infinity pool on its property.

The place has one main lodge with four spacious rooms, and three other rooms/cabins separated from the lodge. The main lodge is usually rented out as a whole to big groups as it can hold up to 15 people. The three other rooms can hold only 2-4 people each.

I don’t have a lot of photos of the place as I was too busy lounging, so I’ll share with you one that I took and a few taken by my friend. And here’s also the link to the Instagram hashtag #puntaverdedive. Click/tap that link to see more pictures.

If you want to go to either Punta Verde Dive or Punta Verde Sands, just go to the website and send them an email. The admin reply immediately during work days. The owners, whom we fortunately met during our stay, are very gracious and kind. The staff are ridiculously friendly and patient. The same goes for the caretakers of the Sands house.

As for directions, the website gives pretty clear ones. They might sound ridiculous (it described a cement factory as looking like Dr. Evil’s lair or a clearing looking like Narnia) but trust me when I say that the descriptions are pretty accurate. You WON’T get lost.

Cost? For a group of 14 people, we each had a budget of Php2,000 for the accommodations, food for two main meals (dinner and brunch) and snacks, and gas/toll. The resort does not have a set menu from which you can choose your meals. Rather, you buy the ingredients and the staff can cook it for you (this we did in Sands). If you want to be the one to cook the food yourself, you may do so as well (this we did in Dive). In Dive, though, I think you can order meals from the resort, but you have to place the order in advance (as in days before you go there… I think).

All in all, it was a great stay, and yes, we will definitely go back. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Punta Verde Resorts (part2)

  1. Hi,
    been searching for a great batangas resort and i found your blog.
    meron po ba way para makapunta sa punta verde dive via public transpo?
    we’re planning to go there po by november..
    can you give me some tips and advise?
    maraming salamat!


  2. Not quite sure about public transpo to Dive because from the town, there are not PUVs that pass through the resort because it’s in an undeveloped area. Sands is in a more public place; you have better chances of getting their through public transpo.

    You can inquire about options at the resort through their website. They were very accommodating especially when we were late for the check in because we got lost. 🙂

    Good luck and have fun! 🙂


  3. hi!thanks for helping!
    loooove at first sight kasi ako sa dive.what more pa kaya kung makapunta pa ako dun!kaso bka mabroken heart because “NO” public transpo!!
    anyway, maraming salamat ulit!


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