Queen Fab

My boss wrote a poem for me for my 10th year of service.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.23.10 PM

Queen Fab
(F. S. Perez)

O, no Mercutio, she is real.
O, then, I see Queen Fab had been with you.
She is the fairest, and we are blest.
Her ways, her words put her on her royal highness.
Her style, her grace, her red tunic amaze us to blindness.

O, no, Mercutio, she is not a fairy, she is not a ghost, she is real.

Queen Fab, rock us, astound us… You are simply priceless.

Queen Fab, we love you, your Highness.


The story behind this:

I had been discussing Romeo and Juliet in class, hence the references to Mercutio and Queen Mab. Sir changed it to Queen Fab because I always dressed up on what I called Fab Fridays (when we don’t have to wear the uniform).

This poem caught me off guard. Sir recited this during a poetry reading session we had in school, and I totally did not know that what he was going to recite was for me until he mentioned me by name. Needless to say, I cried buckets.


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