This heat is very oppressive and is frying my brains out.

So here are random topics that begin with the letter R.

Ria is my name. It’s not reeyah. I only used the latter as my wordpress username because it wouldn’t let me have a three-letter one.

Once we had to make an alliteration using our name. Someone came up with Ravishing Ria for me because I couldn’t come up with one on the spot. Later on I came up with Reading Ria or Ria Reads, which is so bookworm-y and not at all cool like Ravishing Ria.

I love reading, but for some reason I couldn’t get my reading momentum going this summer.

I don’t like red velvet anything.

I am currently wearing a red shirt. It’s like I was subconsciously acknowledging or paying homage to the heat by choosing this. Or maybe because everything else was in the laundry.

I like raspberry jam/preserve more than strawberry.

How Rosang Taba Won A Race by Dean Alfar is one of my favorite short stories. It used to be available on the Palanca Awards website, but after they revamped it, the archive of texts disappeared. It’s about a fat Filipina servant in the household of the Governor-General in 19th century Philippines. Rosang Taba translates to Fat Rosa. She challenges an arrogant Spanish official to a race which she wins. How she wins it is the beauty of the story.

I am out of R ideas, so this is it. I’m off to look for some refreshments.


2 thoughts on “R

  1. You could be Radiant Ria, Riotous Ria, Ravenous Ria, The Real Ria, if you weighed more you could be Robust Ria, then you could be Root Root Root for Ria or just plain 3Root Ria, Ready Ria, Revealing Ria, Reality Check Ria, Revolutionary Ria, Remembering Ria, Reversible Ria, Relevant Ria (like), Routine Ria, Rosy Ria, Renovated Ria, Ruff n’ Tuff Ria, Raging Ria, Rambling Ria…..the list is endless and these are off the top of my head with no cheating with a dictionary…These are all randomly reusable…really. Good Luck finding your “r” self.

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