The Avengers: Age of Ultron

April 22 saw me trooping to the mall initially to see the Manny Pacquiao biopic Kid Kulafu. Instead, we found that the movie was no longer showing and in its place was the newest Avengers movie.

I honestly had no plans of watching the movie on the big screen because I knew (and I was right) that it would be nothing but explosions and smashing and city property getting damaged and heroes getting bruised and alien tech being used. Nevertheless, I was still excited to see the next installment since I had seen the previous movies in the same universe (Guardians of the Galaxy included).

This latest movie, despite having a stand-alone story, exists as part of a series, and by that I don’t just mean The Avengers series. I know you know what I mean, so I won’t delve deeper into that. What I do want to talk about is how Ultron was completely unexpected for me.

I am what you’d call a casual Marvel fan. I just watch the movies for the pure entertainment of watching them. I don’t go around in costume, nor do I join fan-targetted or organized events. I do not write fanfiction. I just like the movies and gush over… well, none of them, to be honest. Therefore, allow me to say that I did not expect much from the movie.

However, Ultron was still a bit underwhelming for me. Coming from the big bad alien war of the first movie, I thought there’d be something similar in this one, and I thought Ultron (the character) was that big bad alien.

(minor spoilers under the cut)

Surprise! Ultron wasn’t. Ish. He started out as an artificial intelligence unit that has morphed–I’m sorry, EVOLVED–into a humanoid with the acerbic wit of Tony Stark. Seriously. Watching and listening to Ultron was like watching and listening to Stark’s Mr. Hyde persona. It was honestly annoying because one can only handle too much Stark, but at the same time it was brilliant, for it allowed the Scarlet Witch to show succinctly that she and her brother were remorseful, so to speak, for their actions and that they were on the side of the Avengers.

Anyway, there was still an alien bit in the movie in the presence of one of the Infinity Stones, the backstory of which was introduced in the Guardians movie.

All in all, this Avengers movie, while still very entertaining, offers nothing new in the way of action or storytelling, even employing the age-old deus ex machina technique which is so annoying to some but widely welcomed by the masses. In terms of character development, though, we are given a glimpse into Hawkeye’s world. As for the budding relationship between Romanoff and Banner, all I an say is: WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!


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