Filipinos are known for not being able to pronounce some letters properly. There’s the V-B problem, F-P, Th vs T vs D.

One of my favorite stories regarding the V-B problem comes my own experience in high school. My classmates swear this happened but I can’t remember this and I refuse to say it was because I wasn’t listening haha. My story then is as I heard from my classmates.

On the first day of Computer class, our teacher introduces herself but we some couldn’t make out if the first letter of her name was a B or a V. A classmate asked which it was and she replied:

B as in bictory (victory).

Badum tss *facepalm*


5 thoughts on “V

  1. Ooooh… I have never heard anybody who is from the Philippines speak! Maybe because I’m from a very small village in England. How interesting. Apparently everyone is born capable of speaking any sound, but you do need to have heard the sounds from the language you are going to speak before you are many months old. After that it becomes much harder, and of course later on in life even harder to be able to articulate sounds not used in your own native tongue. However, I do know about Tarsiers, which are on my blog, and from the Philippines!


  2. If they are shared by showing them my blog, that’s fine, they cannot be removed. They designed to be in conjunction with the facts for a start, and may be used by me in future books.


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