You were a guy who said I was pretty. You took me to a movie and treated me to siomai.

You were a guy who asked me out and I thought it was a group thing but it turned out it was just the two of us.

You were a guy who texted me when I was on my way home wanting to be friends. We had coffee. You thought we hit it off. It was one-sided.

You were a guy who, on our “date,” (it wasn’t a date) said I looked like your ex. You texted me and asked me out to a proper one. I made up an excuse.

You were a guy who said I had a cute butt and courted me through text and through my friends. You were a nice guy, but I didn’t like you that way.

You were the guy who singled me out in a party and flirted with me. You kissed me and I kissed you back. You wanted more. I said no. And then I never heard from you again.

You were the guy I had a crush on. But people said you were gay. I told them it just wasn’t meant to be.

You introduced yourself to me online. You flirted with me. I got uncomfortable, but you got me feeling confident about myself again. Then you dropped out of the face of the world. Can’t blame you. I wasn’t giving you what you wanted. (I didn’t want to.)

You wrote me a letter, and I cried.

You send me “I miss you” messages, but I don’t say them back.

You gave me fries. And a hug.



I tried waiting, and I got impatient.

I tried looking for you, but you stayed away.


Always you.


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