Globe Woes

Let me just get this out of the way: This post is a RANT. If you don’t want to read a negative post, skip this. This blog is more for the people at Globe Telecom in the Philippines anyway.

I’m a Globe prepaid user. I’ve been one since March 2000. That’s a little over15 years already. I had been a happy prepaid user without any of the problems my postpaid friends had. Recently, my happy times with Globe came to a screeching halt. My problems with Globe seem to have started after they changed the PowerSurf subscription to the GoSurf subscription.

What’s the difference between the two?

As far as I remember, PowerSurf merely gave me a certain number of data units I can consume for a certain period of time. I’d always subscribe to the Php499 one because it gave me 1GB of data for 30 days. What was great about this is that I could extend my subscription to another 30 days without losing my unused data simply be subscribing again to the Php499 promo/plan before my current subscription would end.

So let’s say my Powersurf 499 subscription ends at 4pm this afternoon. I check my balance and see that I still have 100MB worth of data left. Instead of losing those unused units, I can keep using those units for another 30 days. I simply subscribe again to Powersurf 499 before 4pm. This way, I get to keep my 100MB unused data AND get another 1GB from the new subscription.

Now, Globe changed Powersurf to Gosurf because they bundled Spotify with it. The subscription packages were pretty much the same except for a few differences. In Gosurf 499, I get 1.5GB (instead of the initial 1GB of Powersurf) + 1GB of Spotify Premium. Then they eventually upped the data units to 3GB for 499. Seemed pretty sweet, right?

To top it off, I could extend my subscription the same way!

What’s the problem?

HOWEVER (and this is where things got mucked up), last April, I encountered a lot of problems.

  1. I had subscribed to a TEXT plan that had a one-day lifespan. There was about 15MB of data bundled with that TEXT plan. This was ON TOP of Gosurf499 subscription.
    • Problem: The next day when the Text promo expired, I lost the 15MB data as well. But you know what? I also lost my Gosurf499 subscription, which was only on its second week.
    • Problem: I called Globe’s customer service and the guy gave me NOTHING. I had to repeat myself a gazillion times and he couldn’t understand my problem and couldn’t help me. I WANTED MY GOSURF UNITS BACK. He did NOTHING.
    • I sent a tweet to @talk2Globe but all the agents did was check if my subscription was active. IT WAS, but not because they returned my unused units; it was active because I had to resubscribe again.
  2. Because I was forced to accept that I had lost over 1GB worth of unused data units AND my Spotify Premium subscription (I was back to Free Spotify), I had to resubscribe again. The next month, right before the expiry, I COULDN’T REGISTER TO GOSURF TO EXTEND. (I had about 500MB+ unused data that I didn’t want to lose)
    • I got this message every time I tried to subscribe through text (I sent “GS99” to 8888) or by dialling *143#: “Sorry, we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later. Thank you.” I got this message about 5 times. (Context clues: This meant I tried to subscribe about 5 times before my subscription expired and I lost my unused data units).
      • I wanted to subscribe to GS99 (100MB+spotify premium/30days), a lower subscription plan, because I still had a lot of unused data units. I could work with just an additional 100MB to my leftover 500MB for 30 days.
    • I tweeted about this, I got replies from Globe agents. They kept asking me the same questions, suggesting the same things. NOTHING WORKED.
    • My subscription expired much to my annoyance. I had to resubscribe to GS499.
  3. This month, I figured I should try resubscribing WAY before the expiry so that I could have Globe try to fix it again. My subscription will expire on the 20th. Yesterday, June 16, I tried resubscribing. I encountered the same message: Sorry, we cannot process your request right now. Please try again later. Thank you.
    • Again, I brought this up with @talk2Globe and someone (@KenofGlobe) responded. He tried to walk me through some troubleshooting suggestions (rebooting the phone, transferring SIM to another phone then trying to subscribe from there), but nothing worked. He said he’ll work on it. Never heard from him again.
    • I got a few other replies–even a direct message–, one of which asked for my number and then they said my subscription was active. Um, hello. That’s not my problem.
    • I got more replies earlier this morning after I tried resubscribing. One said that you couldn’t extend the Gosurf subscription. I told her I’ve been doing it since the beginning of time (not in those exact words, of course), so could she please explain why the sudden change? Never heard from her again. (Well, as of this typing.)
    • Another reply came asking what the problem was. I didn’t want to repeat myself to the umpteenth Twitter person, so I just told her to check my Twitter convo with the other agents. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, she just asked me the same questions the other agents had already asked me.



This is a summary of my woes with you.

This is a HISTORY of my woes with you.

If this blog post explaining my problems is still too long and too difficult for you to grasp, here it is again in bulleted phrases:

  • I am currently subscribed to GS499 (3GB+Spotify Premium). This will expire on June 20, 2015. I still have 1GB of unused data.
  • Yesterday (June 16) and today (June 17), I tried subscribing to GS99 even though I was still subscribed to GS499. I got this message: Sorry, we cannot process your request right now. Please try again later. Thank you.
  • None of you Globe agents could explain why I couldn’t subscribe.
  • None of you Globe agents could explain why I could do it before or why I can’t do it now. Someone (@LeoofGlobe) said that two promos could exist side by side. SO WHY CAN’T I SUBSCRIBE TO GS99 ON TOP OF MY GS499 PLAN?

What do I want from Globe?

  • the ability to subscribe to GS99 on top of GS499
  • a satisfactory explanation of why this was possible before but I am having problems now
  • (Can I have my unused data back from that April mishap that disconnected me from my Gosurf plan instead of JUST the Text plan?)



8 thoughts on “Globe Woes

  1. Globe is pretty notorious when it comes to customer service; I’ve once read that even their service centers don’t deliver resolutions properly. And despite that, they won an award for “exceptional customer service”, which I call bull on.

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  2. Hello Reeyah. I’m Earl , head of the Globe twitter team, I apologize for the inconvenience that the issue might have caused you, We appreciate the feedback that you have provided here and rest assured that steps are being taken to further improve the service we provide via twitter. I will engage with you on your twitter account so we can resolve the case. Thanks

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  3. Let first say I’ve started a blog too PSI4A at wordpress, not knowing if links will work in comments here.
    …I asked a simple question; “Has Globe reduced my download speed”, an boy did I get the run around the Mayberry Bush. Visiting my blog will fill in some of the details.
    … To point. I’m advocating internet and mobile customers unit, form a potential customer base, which can grow larger of course, and advocate for an investor or existing ISP to establish a business on the theme developing on the PSI4A which is open for all to contribute ideas to.
    … I just blogged and email Talk2Globe challenging to respond to improving customer service by arranging a meeting conference with their customers.
    … we must number in the thousands and we must find that out. We may be a viable customer for some service, new or established that may begin to provide 1st Class ‘A’ service in the Philippine.
    … the present ISP’s are mopping up by increasing their customer base and reducing service in every imaginable way.
    … Increase customers + no upgrading of infrastructure to handle increase volume = greater profits / as we are now “Cash Cows” to those profiting from what is going on in the industry with much promotional golden glitter…


  4. As Globe customers we must find a way to address the issues we are having. I’m a postpaid customer WiFi Mobil and I’m getting 0.11 Mb download for at least two weeks. Talk2Globe hasn’t done anything to resolve this. We must find a way to get better service from Globe. We pay premium rates for poor services.


  5. What about the fact that I’m getting 0.11 mbps and have talk2globe for hours the way it is done at twitter and emails too. When will you answer my question- “Has Globe reduces my download speed”? I’ve sent talk2globe very detailed emails and made some positive suggestions. One being – Talk2Globe needs a database with the customer details ie customer devices, location, towers in the area, 1st and all previous concerns & resolutions if any. As customer service you as a representative should be able to read this back to the customer instead of asking the customer over and over for these details when another representative gets involved. Globe is earning in the billions of pesos, all you have to do is read the business reports. If you have seen my comments sent to talk2globe ask around. I can’t believe you can’t bring these details up on your computer screen. If not – that’s my point. you should be able to read back all the vital information and tell me my mother’s name.


  6. I have also been encountering the message “Sorry, we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later. Thank you.” They’re too stupid to create an Internet service that works, but wow they are good at scamming. My guess is they are doing it on purpose. Their programming it so their systems know when a plan is near it’s end, and that is when they forcibly ensure that you won’t have the ability to renew. It eats up your load, and they damn well know it. I saw on their own support forums a TON of people complaining about this. They don’t have an answer, and pretend like its a problem with the phone or the device. Same stupid way they handle all of the support calls. I am willing to bet it is done intentionally, and is just another way Filipino companies find ways to screw over their own people. The Philippines has the worse service in ASEA, and the most expensive of them all. Is that an accident? NOPE.


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