Gratitude List

This day has been full of just absolute horrible things, from useless and infuriating conversations with customer service agents, to airconditioning units that don’t work when you need them, to not having time to eat lunch, to students misbehaving, to getting my period today, to having back pain to crying my eyes out over old blog posts… I’m doing all I can to just keep myself together right now.

A gratitude list would help with that.

  • chocolate chip cookies to stave off hunger
  • cooperative students
  • a hug (even though I was the one giving it and not receiving it)
  • a quarter of a pepper jack cheese sandwich
  • friends who offer to feed you because you forgot to eat
  • my bed
  • spending only Php10.75 today
  • accomplishing what i needed to finish in my classes
  • finishing one worksheet (2 more to go)
  • getting to help people (it distracted me from my horrible mood)
  • stock emergency sanitary napkins in my drawer
  • wordpress autosaving this post

Well, will you look at that. I still have a lot of things to be grateful for. I feel much better already. 🙂


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