Gratitude List for Today, August 13

Horrible things this past week:

  1. checking
  2. checking
  3. checking
  4. dishonest people
  5. kids who don’t want to think and prefer everything handed to them on a silver platter. one class was just horrible.
  6. people who won’t cooperate.
  7. plans that don’t push through
  8. scheduled quizzes that get moved because people keep messing with the schedule without telling affected people beforehand
  9. my back acting up during class, confining me to the teacher’s chair. thank God for SRA. I didn’t have to stand up as much.
  10. char kway teow

Here’s my gratitude list to remind myself that it wasn’t all bad.

  1. Patchi chocolate from CJ
  2. sandwiches
  3. SRA
  4. kindness
  5. concern
  6. friends
  7. my bed
  8. a partner. i don’t have to prepare for two levels anymore
  9. a song just for me
  10. Doctor Who

This isn’t working so far. Let’s try it again. Good things that happened this week.

  1. I’m alive and well
  2. my family’s alive and well
  3. my friends are all alive and well

3 thoughts on “Gratitude List for Today, August 13

  1. I’m loving these lists! You’re so honest and sometimes reflecting in list form is super uplifting and intuitive. Keep up the good work 🙂


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