Manila International Book Fair 2015

Last September 16-20,2015 was the Manila International Book Fair held in the SMX Convention Center in the Mall of Asia compound. Bibliophiles like me braved the horrendous Manila traffic just to pay homage to books, books, and more books!

I’m not sure exactly how many bookstores or publishing houses were there, but there were A LOT. The space was huge, but because of the number of booths and the hordes of people who came, things quickly got claustrophobic. Thankfully, Filipino bibliophiles are polite and respectful and no shoving or trampling over one another to get to a book was experienced.

I went two years ago to the book fair and got only about three or four books. I expected this year to be the same, but I came out with not five nor ten but 13! Two of those, in my defense, were for my sisters. The purchase of the rest I justified by saying I could use them all in class.

Here’s my haul:


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