Love, Rosie (2014)

Stars Lily Collins and the guy who played Finnick in the Hunger Games series.

Truth be told I don’t remember how I got a copy of this film. All of a sudden it was just THERE, and because my mind refuses to finish the details for my quarterly performance task, I popped this in the player and just sat there, letting my eyes gloss over the images and the words flit in and out of my ear.

Contemplating the cruelty of life.

Contemplating the cruelty of life.

When I finally turned my full attention to the movie, all I can think of is how utterly unlucky Rosie was. I mean, look at that face above. That woman is contemplating how COMPLETELY horrible the fates and the entire universe have been to her. I honestly don’t know what she did to deserve such things to happen to her, and I couldn’t help but want to reach out to her and just slap her and tell her, “JUST TELL HIM ALREADY!”

But I know now that it’s easier said than done.

And so she kept quiet.

Because it was easier that way.

Or was it?

Her life had been horrible because she didn’t tell her best friend how she really felt.

Could she have avoided the mishap with the douchebag who got her pregnant had she just told Alex how she felt?

Could she have avoided being a single mom had she just told Alex what happened?

Could she have gotten him back had she just told him what she wanted when she visited him?

And so on and so forth.

I felt for Rosie throughout the movie. Every time her eyes lost their spark because she missed a chance, every time her face fell because she had to face another piece of bad news, every time she cried, oh I cried with her.

Makes you think:

Is keeping silent about your feelings worth all that pain?


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