Adele says HELLO, and I do, too

My Twitter feed was abuzz this morning with people talking about how Adele’s newest single, “Hello” was deeply moving or beautiful or haunting.

I say, “Meh.”

While it channeled the usual sad and melancholy tone she’s known for, gone was the beautiful lyricism that added the oomph to her already troubling tunes. It just fell flat for me. Add to that the fact that I was expecting it to be a Lionel Richie cover when I heard the first few notes and words.

All in all, this song isn’t horrible, but it’s not her best…


I can’t wait to listen to what else she has.

Welcome back, Adele.


2 thoughts on “Adele says HELLO, and I do, too

  1. I agree. in addition, it’s terribly melancholy and released during the festive season. I always want to say “Girl, let go. He has moved on. Write a song about something sunny for a change”. It is a lovely song but very melancholy …… again.


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