A World at War, Seen from a Fancy TV

Life on the 11th Floor

As a teacher of privileged teenage boys, it’s hard to put into context the bombings and wars happening around the world. It’s unclear to me the boundaries that we have to follow in terms of their own households’ openness to discuss the issues that plague the atrocities that happened. How do we frame the context of humanity without talking about the religious and political context we are in?

Sometimes I don’t know if I should do what is akin to a splash of boiling water to their faces, and tell them: Wake up. The world is a mess. Do what you can for each other because that’s all you have left.

Then again, cynicism is bad for young adults so I try to put a positive spin on everything. It was difficult to write because I had to be hopeful and nice, which do not come naturally to me. Here…

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