Another nick that SO and I call each other is beb. We do this in jest. Well, I do. I can’t bring myself to call him that, but he takes great pleasure in teasing me using that endearment, which is a local pronunciation of the English babe.

I don’t think I’ll ever be calling him that on a regular basis, though. 

I’ll be including a Gratitude List in all my challenge posts this month with the same letter of the day.

  1. Banks: the one I went to today had really helpful employees. A big dream is getting closer and closer to reality. 
  2. Boyfriend: he kept me company (through chat because he had his own stuff to deal with today) during my long wait at a government office today and throughout my errands.
  3. Bed: I have a bed I can come home to.
  4. Biogesic: to keep my sister’s fever at bay for now. I really hope the test results (out tomorrow morning) will finally tell us what’s wrong with her tummy so that we can do something about it.