Creative Writing

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve started writing poems, and although my progress recently has been slow, I’ve been able to post a poem at least once a week.

When I was a kid I used to dream of becoming a lot of things, and being a writer was one of them. My patience, though, did not seem suited for the career path, so it became a hobby instead. With work, writing became part of my assigned tasks, which was unfortunate because something I used to love passionately became a chore that I had to force myself to do.

To keep myself interested in the craft, I started this blog as an outlet and as a way to write about things I loved instead of things that I HAD to write about. It helped sustain that fire in me, but when I saw that I had gone a month without writing here, I knew I had to do something about it.

With all the changes in my life recently, I needed another outlet, one that would allow me to be more expressive and at the same time channel all these new emotions into a new form. I created a poetry account on Instagram where I post thoughts and some poems. Most of my poems have been about my SO since my thoughts go to him naturally and constantly, but I’m also trying to transform my other thoughts and opinions into poetry.

It’s no easy task, but then isn’t that true for anything worth achieving?


Gratitude list

  • clear medical test results: the blood test and ultrasound of my sister cleared her of any alarming diseases or injury. However, there was a slight abnormality in her kidney. The doctor said it goes away on its own and was probably just caused by the stress she’s undergoing (exams season in college). She was advised rest, some medicine, and another checkup later in the year.
  • chocolate spread by Goya: I got hungry and the only food around was Rold Gold thin pretzels. I found an unopened jar of Goya chocolate spread, opened it, and dipped the pretzels in them. Instant afternoon snack.
  • Car: One of my dreams is to be able to own and drive my own car. My family has never had a car, and with my usual carpool companions all gone, I needed a new ride to work. I was tired of being dependent on other people, so I decided to get my own car for my own use and for my family’s. I’m thankful my finances have been better lately, which allowed me to be get a car (new model arriving hopefully this week!) for my family. This is such a great blessing! I can use it to bring my sister to her dorm when I’m free, or bring my mom to do her groceries so she doesn’t have to commute, or whatever or whoever else in the family needs transport. It’ll be so convenient now because I won’t have to be dependent on carpool (no public transpo near my workplace).
  • chat: Facebook Messenger and the Line messaging app has allowed me to stay in touch with Adverbs over the summer break and with my closest friends who live in different parts of the country (one of them is even out of the country). These chat services are amazing! I also love their stickers; they make the chats more interesting.
  • creative writing: Not many people have the talent nor the skill to write creatively. I do not possess such talent, but I would like to develop it as a skill. Just the opportunity to write creatively is something I am thankful for every day.

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