Today’s word refers to two things: F.I.T. (Frontiers and Innovations in Teaching) and the adjective.

F.I.T. 2016

This is the education conference I mentioned in my previous post. It’s on its third year, and every year I leave with a ton of learnings that I am able to apply in my own teaching. 

The theme for this year is FUTURE READY, and what’s interesting about this is that for the first time, they dedicated an entire breakout session schedule to be purely student-led. Three of my former students were speakers, and I am immensely proud of them.



I joined different challenges this month: the A to Z blogging challenge, the April CBF portry challenge, and the Mermaid Yogis yoga challenge on Instagram hosted by @stoked_yogi, @fluid_sup, @zengirlmandy, and @seavibesyoga. I haven’t felt fit in a long time especially since I haven’t done yoga or any form of exercise in over a year. I’ve never progressed past the beginner stage, so I’m excited to get back to the mat on a regular basis.


Gratitude list

  • Fitness: going to get fit and feeling healthier
  • Food: I’m thankful I always have food to eat when I go hungry.
  • Friends: my friend agreed to get my ID from the main office of the regulatory board for teachers since she was going there anyway.