I’m a relatively healthy person with only a dust allergy and 120/120 vision to mar my otherwise perfect medical record. I’ve been sick, yes, but nothing chronic has plagued me…

…until now.

My tailbone has been bothering me since October. I was at another conference and all I did was SIT on school chairs from sun up to sun down. That’s when I noticed my tailbone started to hurt. The pain went away eventually, but I noticed it would hurt again when I’m seated for a long time. I looked it up online and found that it IS indeed caused by prolonged sitting on hard surfaces. It usually goes away on its own i. A few weeks or months, but now I’m worried because it’s five months after and I still feel a bit of pain.

According to Google, poor posture and weight loss contributes to this. I’m not exactly known for my good posture, so I’m struggling to correct that. My weight loss has not been significant either. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight. It just happened because I got the stomach bug at the end of January which kept me in bed (and running to the bathroom) for about two days. 

I’m back to yoga to build my core strength and my lower back, but I’m also mindful that I don’t lose any significant amount of weight to make sure the padding around my tailbone doesn’t thin out and make it hurt any more.

Gratitude list:

  • Hugs: I’m not one to welcome hugs from strangers, but hugs from the right people boost me up instantly. Last night I needed a hug badly and I got it. 😘
  • Health: Despite the tailbone pain, I’m still grateful that all my senses are working and that I can still stand up and walk and run and lie down and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in my town.
  • Hope: I choose to hope for and act to bring about the good instead of complaining about the bad.