I’m gonna cheat here and use a Filipino word for today’s letter.

Kambyo is the Filipino word for “clutch” (for shifting gears in driving). I had my first driving lesson today, and I learned how to operate a manual-transmission vehicle. 

It was DIFFICULT! My only consolation was that the engine didn’t die on me as I switched gears.

The clutch was the most difficult to learn.  I had to learn how to temper the pressure I put on it or lift from it. Thankfully, my instructor, a very good friend and colleague, was very patient with me and was very clear in his instructions.

My next session would be learning how to change a tire. Can’t say I’m excited, but I know I need this lesson.

  • Kambyo: This thing has taught me a lot about patience and moderation and letting go at the right time.
  • Kaibigan (friend or lover): This word can mean either friend (kai-bee-gahn) or lover (ka-ibigahn) depending on which syllable you put the stress. I’m thankful for both meanings. My good friend taught me how to drive, and my SO supported me in my decision to take lessons.