…are the best.

That is all.


Gratitude list

  • Naps: when you’re tired and just need a quick recharge, NAPS.
  • Noney: my SO has to remind me that I have no money (“noney”) so that I wouldn’t spend noney on stuff I don’t really need. Having noney is kinda cool (when you’re just stuck at home and can mooch stuff off your parents’ fridge haha) because you’re forced to make better decisions about expenditures. You’re forced to become a grown up and be responsible. And, yes, this can also suck, but right now I choose to see it as a way to help me grow more responsible.

4 thoughts on “Naps

  1. Naps are definitely up there when it comes to all that is beautiful in the world. I absolutely love the idea of noney and how you’re happy just the way things are!


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