Third gear

Had another driving lesson, and this time I was able to go to third gear. 🙂 technically I went up to fifth, but it was a mistake because I went straight from second to fifth. 

It was a pretty exhilarating lesson especially since I was driving next to huge trucks or kept getting intercepted by motorcycles (I get the hate now). The inclines were hell, cars kept passing me, and the engine kept dying on me on the inclines. BUT I did survive without crashing into anybody, so that’s an achievement. 

No lessons this coming week, though, which is a bummer. There’s work and there’s a three-day silent retreat I’ll be going to. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m open.

Gratitude list

  • Third gear
  • Tires: I sort of learned how to change a tire haha. Cars are heavy. That is all.

  • Tostillas: To stave off hunger while I waited for lunch.

2 thoughts on “Third gear

  1. I tried to drive many many years ago. Took lessons. Even got to drive out in the city. But I soon realized that I didn’t have the temperament for it. I was starting to swear at people. I HATED random pedestrians and erring tricycle and jeepney drivers. I seriously started getting what road rage meant, and why people are driven to violence on the streets. So I stopped driving.

    People tell me I just had to get used to it. Maybe. All I knew for sure is that driving was turning me into someone I didn’t like and didn’t want to be.

    Good luck Ri, and knowing how mindstrong and determined you are, I’m sure you’ve got this 🙂


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