Vin is the protagonist of the Mistborn fantasy series of novels by Brandon Sanderson. I’ve never really taken to the main character, but the story’s pretty interesting.

Vin is a mistborn, a person who can draw on the power of certain metals to affect physical and mental states. She is introduced to her power by another mistborn, Kelsier, who is the sole survivor of the Pits of Hathsin, a prison camp of sorts where prisoners become slaves. He is planning a revolution, and he is counting on Vin and her pwers to help. She turns into a young noblewoman named Lady Valette Renoux to act as a spy.

Book one’s done, and I’ve just started book 2. It’s slow progress since fantasy novels aren’t really my thing, but this one seems to be promising.

Gratitude list

  • Vacation: Nothing like summer vacation to get time to just chill and read.

One thought on “Valette/Vin

  1. I haven’t read any of his work yet. I was a fan of the first half of the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series until he started spreading the story too thinly, so I haven’t read Sanderson’s contributions. I have been listening to the Writing Excuses podcast in which he is one of the co-hosts. I like the podcast but have such a huge TBR pile right now, I fear reading his work will have to wait.


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