It’s summer where I live now, and I’m on vacation, and I am literally doing nothing but eat, sleep, and marathon shows on Netflix and Viu (Korean shows). 

I feel like such a pig now because I keep looking for food every hour. Even my cousin has noticed my gluttonous behavior today. The only interruption to this was the two consecutive earthquakes that happened earlier this afternoon. No major damage was reported except for a few buildings where the epicenter was.

Strangely enough for me, instead of panicking about the earthquake, I just put away the food I was eating (bread, cheese, peanuy butter) and went back to watching Jessica Jones. And then a little over a hour later I was looking for food again.

This is not normal behavior for me. I’m guesing it’s just the effect of not having to worry about work or anything for the next two weeks, so I’m filling my time with gustatory escapades… to the kitchen. :/

Well, I for one am going to make the most of this chill time to recharge my mind, body, and heart. 🙂