I already had a long ass post ready for publishing but this stupid phone app deleted it. 

My point basically was that even though I was only technically educated for four years in a Jesuit-run university, it feels lile my enyire life was formed by the Jesuits.

My pre-school, grade school, and high school years were in a school run by nuns whose founding mother was heavily influenced by Jesuit founder St. Ignatius of Loyola. Even our school name, Manresa School, came from St. Ignatius’s life. It was where he came up with his famous and helpful Spiritual Exercises.

Post-college I started working in Xavier School which was also Jesuit-run, and here came a more “formal”and more “official” introduction to Jesuit teachings and ideals. The teachings came in dogma and practice, and I honestly believe that despite the Jesuit order’s conservativism, they are the most open and respectful of all the priestly orders. 

I’ve never been disppointed by a Jesuit’s homily–except maybe by the delivery–but otherwise the content is always so relevant, easy to digest, and rooted in the Catholic Church’s teachings. 

In this Holy Week, I remember the Jesuits and how they keep me coming back to Christ whenever I have doubts. No other person–not even my parents nor our ridiculous parish priests–could do that.


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