For some reason, the first thing that came to mind was Klytemnestra, wife of Agamemnon, but since I know little about her, I won’t say much of her here.

The second thing that came to mind is the shortened version of okay. People have been asking me how I was more often than usual and it’s become annoyingly repetitive that I’ve taken to answering, “K lang” (literally means “just okay” but semantically means “I’m okay).

The third thing that came to mind was my friend’s last name which began with this letter. She was the only one who really probed and demanded a proper answer abojt how I was and how I was feeling. I’m glad she’s back from her vacation.

The fourth thing I thought about was potassium and how this became a meme when people began to use K as the answer to text messages. People who would receive this answer thought it was such a waste to just answer one letter that they would reply with the element this letter represented. Confusion, hilarity, and online memes had abounded because of this.

The last thing that came to mind was that I really had nothing related to the letter K that I could talk about.



I’m out of ideas.

So let’s do random lists

  • Umlaut: are these the two dots above a letter?
  • Underbelly
  • Undercut
  • Umpire: I saw a Discovery Channel (NatGeo?) episode of some show and they said that the word “umpire” came from “on par” or something like that.
  • Uther Pendragon: saw Arthur actor on TV just now; remembered the dad.
  • Ugh
  • Upside down

Gratitude list

  • Usap: Filipino for the word talk or conversation. I had the chance to help some students prepare for a presentation they’re giving, and managed to talk with a good friend also. Nothing like a good conversation with a good friend.

Pork buns

Gratitude list time 😊



Yummeh pork buns are yummeh


  • Philippines: My country may be messed up, but I still love it. We are crazy and young as a democratic nation, so all these political pains are expected. But you know what, atthe heart of it all, my fellow countrymen are kind and generous and compassionate. (Now about discipline… Um…)
  • Potato Corner Flavored Fries: Every month I get salty-food cravings, and one of the few that can satisfy these would be the barbecue flavored french fries of Potato Corner. Eez juz guuuuuud
  • Phil: Okay there’s this noon time series that my mom loves to watch (forgot the title), and the lead guy is Brazilian-Japanese model-turned-actor Daniel Matsunaga AND HE IS JUST DREAMY. Cheesy, but still dreamy. And his character’s name is Phil. 😍

photo from a googled site

Snakes Suck

There’s this thing going on Facebook right now about a website called ParodyWiki which basically pulls your FB profile pic and invents a fake wikipedia entry about you.

Mine said I was a professional snake venom milker and that I founded a company called Snakes Suck after I got bitten by a snake. Here’s a screenshot:

click to view full size

click to view full size

Apparently I’m worth a lot of money.

(Spoiler alert: I’m actually poor.)


This heat is very oppressive and is frying my brains out.

So here are random topics that begin with the letter R.

Ria is my name. It’s not reeyah. I only used the latter as my wordpress username because it wouldn’t let me have a three-letter one.

Once we had to make an alliteration using our name. Someone came up with Ravishing Ria for me because I couldn’t come up with one on the spot. Later on I came up with Reading Ria or Ria Reads, which is so bookworm-y and not at all cool like Ravishing Ria.

I love reading, but for some reason I couldn’t get my reading momentum going this summer.

I don’t like red velvet anything.

I am currently wearing a red shirt. It’s like I was subconsciously acknowledging or paying homage to the heat by choosing this. Or maybe because everything else was in the laundry.

I like raspberry jam/preserve more than strawberry.

How Rosang Taba Won A Race by Dean Alfar is one of my favorite short stories. It used to be available on the Palanca Awards website, but after they revamped it, the archive of texts disappeared. It’s about a fat Filipina servant in the household of the Governor-General in 19th century Philippines. Rosang Taba translates to Fat Rosa. She challenges an arrogant Spanish official to a race which she wins. How she wins it is the beauty of the story.

I am out of R ideas, so this is it. I’m off to look for some refreshments.

Punta Verde Resorts


Along the shores of the Brgy. Fabrica, Lobo, Batangas coast are a number of small resorts similar to what you’d find along the Laiya coastline. This seems to be quickly becoming a new tourist destination for the beach-lovers. The waters were fairly clear (waves kept “kicking up” sand) and shallow for about a hundred meters from the shore, the sand was soft and generally clean (I saw a fragment of a Happee toothpaste wrapper floating in the water but that was it), and the resorts had a strict QUIET rule: no videoke past ten pm (thank God).

I’m still here in Punta Verde Sands, and this has so far been a very pleasant stay. I had expected the beach to be rocky, but it really isn’t. 🙂


Ovaries exploding

Do you know that expression up there? Usually used by teenage or hormonal ladies (or any lady basically) when they see a beautiful human male they’d love to get their hands on (to hug. What were you thinking of? Lol).

Today, I felt an explosion of a different kind, and for that I hate my ovaries and uterus because it has brought me nothing but a series of expletives and cries of Ow!

Why does this have to be a cycle? Isn’t it enough that we give birth and that it is already painful enough for a lifetime of menstrual cramps and other discomforts?! Why do we have to suffer every month?!?!

And that, folks, is the question that is on most–if not all–of women’s minds.