I am a millenial, and I am addicted to my phone.

Well, okay, not really. I’m close to it, though.

In any case, the past few days have seen me glued to my phone reading and responding and reposting stories and articles and opinions about that rape joke that presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte uttered last week. I won’t post links lest I be accused of curating what I want visitors to this blog will see. Google it and you’ll find a lot of netizens both in full rage mode against the guy and his supporters still, well, supporting him. 

My main beef with the guy is his morals. I cannot stand to have a national leader who will demean women like me just because that’s “who he is.” He will no longer be who he is if he assumes the oresidency; he will be assuming the role of every single Filipino in this country. He will be representing us if he wins, and therefore he has a lot more responsibility now to the nation as a candidate. As such, he should shape himself up for the job. 

I got into an online discussion with one of his supporters–a colleague of mine from my previous workplace. He condemned the joke, but retained support because of Duterte’s political will. I agreed with him that the candidate was tough, but I still disagree with his use of his machismo and his misogyny.

There were a lot of other comments online that were really misinformed, and this is what ABSOLUTELY frustrates me to no end. We have Information at our fingertips, yet people still react anyway without being informed. They don’t bother to do research or even READ. They don’t bother to listen or communicate PROPERLY. We have the tools at our hands, but sadly, the majority of its users do not use it responsibly.

I’ve spoken my piece about that guy on Facebook, and I will not repeat it here anymore. All I can say now is that whoever wins had better deserve the trust of the people and had better to do a hell of a job keeping this country moving forward.

Gratitude list

  • Om: I finally got to go back to the mat yesterday after almost a week of no yoga. I caught up with the challenge and did some Om chants to calm my mind and my whole being after reading through the hate online (so toxic huhu).
  • Openness: not many people are open to other people’s point of view. People don’t realize that you can still listen to others’ opinions and not have to change your own views. What irks me though, is if their views are wrong, like in the case of Duterte’s supporters who respond to indignant cries of people over the “joke” with “LOOK AT THE CONTEXT OF THE JOKE.” And we go, THERE IS NO FRIKKIN CONTEXT IN THE WORLD THAT JUSTIFIES RAPE JOKES!!! Besides, we weren’t even questioning the narrative behind the incident that brought that statement out; we were indignant over the thinking that it’s okay to crack jokes about raping somebody because no harm was meant, they were just words, they were said in the heat of anger yada yada. NO. Rape jokes are NEVER okay. NEVER.
  • Om: I need to chant Om again.

Globe Woes

Let me just get this out of the way: This post is a RANT. If you don’t want to read a negative post, skip this. This blog is more for the people at Globe Telecom in the Philippines anyway.

I’m a Globe prepaid user. I’ve been one since March 2000. That’s a little over15 years already. I had been a happy prepaid user without any of the problems my postpaid friends had. Recently, my happy times with Globe came to a screeching halt. My problems with Globe seem to have started after they changed the PowerSurf subscription to the GoSurf subscription.

What’s the difference between the two?

As far as I remember, PowerSurf merely gave me a certain number of data units I can consume for a certain period of time. I’d always subscribe to the Php499 one because it gave me 1GB of data for 30 days. What was great about this is that I could extend my subscription to another 30 days without losing my unused data simply be subscribing again to the Php499 promo/plan before my current subscription would end.

So let’s say my Powersurf 499 subscription ends at 4pm this afternoon. I check my balance and see that I still have 100MB worth of data left. Instead of losing those unused units, I can keep using those units for another 30 days. I simply subscribe again to Powersurf 499 before 4pm. This way, I get to keep my 100MB unused data AND get another 1GB from the new subscription.

Now, Globe changed Powersurf to Gosurf because they bundled Spotify with it. The subscription packages were pretty much the same except for a few differences. In Gosurf 499, I get 1.5GB (instead of the initial 1GB of Powersurf) + 1GB of Spotify Premium. Then they eventually upped the data units to 3GB for 499. Seemed pretty sweet, right?

To top it off, I could extend my subscription the same way!

What’s the problem?

HOWEVER (and this is where things got mucked up), last April, I encountered a lot of problems.

  1. I had subscribed to a TEXT plan that had a one-day lifespan. There was about 15MB of data bundled with that TEXT plan. This was ON TOP of Gosurf499 subscription.
    • Problem: The next day when the Text promo expired, I lost the 15MB data as well. But you know what? I also lost my Gosurf499 subscription, which was only on its second week.
    • Problem: I called Globe’s customer service and the guy gave me NOTHING. I had to repeat myself a gazillion times and he couldn’t understand my problem and couldn’t help me. I WANTED MY GOSURF UNITS BACK. He did NOTHING.
    • I sent a tweet to @talk2Globe but all the agents did was check if my subscription was active. IT WAS, but not because they returned my unused units; it was active because I had to resubscribe again.
  2. Because I was forced to accept that I had lost over 1GB worth of unused data units AND my Spotify Premium subscription (I was back to Free Spotify), I had to resubscribe again. The next month, right before the expiry, I COULDN’T REGISTER TO GOSURF TO EXTEND. (I had about 500MB+ unused data that I didn’t want to lose)
    • I got this message every time I tried to subscribe through text (I sent “GS99” to 8888) or by dialling *143#: “Sorry, we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later. Thank you.” I got this message about 5 times. (Context clues: This meant I tried to subscribe about 5 times before my subscription expired and I lost my unused data units).
      • I wanted to subscribe to GS99 (100MB+spotify premium/30days), a lower subscription plan, because I still had a lot of unused data units. I could work with just an additional 100MB to my leftover 500MB for 30 days.
    • I tweeted about this, I got replies from Globe agents. They kept asking me the same questions, suggesting the same things. NOTHING WORKED.
    • My subscription expired much to my annoyance. I had to resubscribe to GS499.
  3. This month, I figured I should try resubscribing WAY before the expiry so that I could have Globe try to fix it again. My subscription will expire on the 20th. Yesterday, June 16, I tried resubscribing. I encountered the same message: Sorry, we cannot process your request right now. Please try again later. Thank you.
    • Again, I brought this up with @talk2Globe and someone (@KenofGlobe) responded. He tried to walk me through some troubleshooting suggestions (rebooting the phone, transferring SIM to another phone then trying to subscribe from there), but nothing worked. He said he’ll work on it. Never heard from him again.
    • I got a few other replies–even a direct message–, one of which asked for my number and then they said my subscription was active. Um, hello. That’s not my problem.
    • I got more replies earlier this morning after I tried resubscribing. One said that you couldn’t extend the Gosurf subscription. I told her I’ve been doing it since the beginning of time (not in those exact words, of course), so could she please explain why the sudden change? Never heard from her again. (Well, as of this typing.)
    • Another reply came asking what the problem was. I didn’t want to repeat myself to the umpteenth Twitter person, so I just told her to check my Twitter convo with the other agents. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, she just asked me the same questions the other agents had already asked me.



This is a summary of my woes with you.

This is a HISTORY of my woes with you.

If this blog post explaining my problems is still too long and too difficult for you to grasp, here it is again in bulleted phrases:

  • I am currently subscribed to GS499 (3GB+Spotify Premium). This will expire on June 20, 2015. I still have 1GB of unused data.
  • Yesterday (June 16) and today (June 17), I tried subscribing to GS99 even though I was still subscribed to GS499. I got this message: Sorry, we cannot process your request right now. Please try again later. Thank you.
  • None of you Globe agents could explain why I couldn’t subscribe.
  • None of you Globe agents could explain why I could do it before or why I can’t do it now. Someone (@LeoofGlobe) said that two promos could exist side by side. SO WHY CAN’T I SUBSCRIBE TO GS99 ON TOP OF MY GS499 PLAN?

What do I want from Globe?

  • the ability to subscribe to GS99 on top of GS499
  • a satisfactory explanation of why this was possible before but I am having problems now
  • (Can I have my unused data back from that April mishap that disconnected me from my Gosurf plan instead of JUST the Text plan?)


Brain vs. Heart (again)

Listening to more senior colleagues last Friday night talk about life, love, and work over a refreshing ginger-lime fizzy drink got me thinking about MY own life, love, and work.

And I still got zilch in the love department.

When I was younger I thought I’d be an old maid like my dad’s older sister. I like her. She doesn’t fall under the cool aunt stereotype, but she was cool in my books (ahem) because she ALWAYS gave me books (there you go) as presents. She’d give me an occasional piece of clothing, but she knew me well enough to know that I loved my Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley. I thought that if I’d end up an old maid then I’d be cool like her.

My dad recently asked me if I were the only one left in my circle of friends still single. (Fortunately) I wasn’t; there were two of us, and I told him so. He merely grunted in reply.

My mom on the other hand used to be relentless in asking for a granddaughter until I stopped showing her all my friends’ babies.

My colleagues keep teasing me about guys who supposedly have a crush on me, but they never say who. Makes me doubt if these guys DO exist because I haven’t heard from ANY of them.


My brain says it’s okay, but my heart says I need a man (screw you, oppressive society expectations). My colleagues have backed up my heart and wiggle their eyebrows at me, saying I should go after so and so or some other so and so.

And I’m like…

Give me a book na lang.


I’m going to cheat a bit here… You know that emoticon with X’s for eyes?

Today (Tuesday, April 28) is supposedly the execution date of Mary Jane Veloso, a Filipina who was caught with drugs in her luggage in Indonesia where she was supposedly to start work as a domestic helper. Her story–that she did not know there were drugs in the bag because it was just “given” to her–sounds true, and this was corroborated, albeit too late, by the surrender of the person who recruited her. It was originally set for 5pm, but somehow it got moved to Wednesday, April 29, 1am, Philippine time, and this is an hour from now. What pisses me off is that President Widodo says that staying the execution will be seen as a sign of weakness. NO. It is seen now by people (even Indonesians who have put up a petition to save her [see pic below]) as a sign of INJUSTICE. Punish the guilty, yes, but this woman is NOT guilty and therefore does not deserve to be executed. Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 12.09.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 12.23.37 AM One hour to go. I cannot imagine what she must be thinking or going through right now. I cannot imagine what her family and children must be thinking of now. My heart, my thoughts, my prayers go out to her and her family and to the Indonesian president who seems to think that saving an innocent person’s life is a sign of weakness.

Might is not always right.


She’s safe… for now.


The first time I encountered JUST THIS QUESTION in an academic setting was in junior year high school when our Filipino teacher asked on a major exam: Bakit? (direct translation of said question).

That was it. One word.

We were talking about literature and grammar and things like that and then out of the blue he drops on our puny little brains a philosophical question.

I didn’t get it.

WHY stray off topic?

WHY what? Where were the modifiers? the qualifiers? Where was the rest of the question?

WHY was the question incomplete?

WHY did I get a lower grade for not satisfactorily answering a question that was not included in the pointers for review?

And with this encounter began my profound dislike (bordering on hatred) for philosophy.

I didn’t understand WHY he put that question there. Even after “explaining” the question when he returned our papers to us, and he pointed out that when someone said, “Bakit hindi?” (Why not? This answer, btw, got the equivalent of an A), it was what he was looking for. WHAT EXACTLY WAS HE LOOKING FOR?

As a teacher now I would have to say that even though I hate these types of on-the-spot questions, I do see a bit of merit here. This “strategy” (if you will) informs the teacher of the student’s ability to handle a situation that is unexpected. Does the student handle it well? negatively? proactively? This type of information is important for the teacher because it helps her prepare for lessons and activities and PTC’s accordingly.

What I didn’t like about what my teacher did back then was to grade us on it. That was just… wrong.


This small rant just showed want kind of a learner I am. I liked the traditional. I liked the memorization because I was kinda good at it. As a teacher, though, I recognize that my book smarts–while helpful–were not enough.

Do I now appreciate what my teacher did? Only in that it told me I had to be smarter, and that my students can’t get stuck the way I did back then.

But I still don’t like what he did.

Ovaries exploding

Do you know that expression up there? Usually used by teenage or hormonal ladies (or any lady basically) when they see a beautiful human male they’d love to get their hands on (to hug. What were you thinking of? Lol).

Today, I felt an explosion of a different kind, and for that I hate my ovaries and uterus because it has brought me nothing but a series of expletives and cries of Ow!

Why does this have to be a cycle? Isn’t it enough that we give birth and that it is already painful enough for a lifetime of menstrual cramps and other discomforts?! Why do we have to suffer every month?!?!

And that, folks, is the question that is on most–if not all–of women’s minds.


I had a pedicure today, and the girl said they had a new polish that would change color under the sun. I got the pink one. Now indoors at night the polish is a light pink and they make my feet look ugly. (When it turns a dark shade of pink my feet look awesome, tho)

Lesson learned: never use light colored polish on toe nails because it makes your feet look fugly.