For the poetry challenge I joined, the word of the day was Indigo. Here’s what I wrote:


Gratitude list:

  • International express shipping: I had to send some documents over and it was difficult to find an international shipping company near my residence or even workplace. Nevertheless, I’m still grateful for these because otherwise I would have used snail mail to send it.
  • Instructions: I went to get my student driver’s permit yesterday, and the people at tbe office were very accommodating and clear with their instructions on what to do and where to go next. 

Creative Writing

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve started writing poems, and although my progress recently has been slow, I’ve been able to post a poem at least once a week.

When I was a kid I used to dream of becoming a lot of things, and being a writer was one of them. My patience, though, did not seem suited for the career path, so it became a hobby instead. With work, writing became part of my assigned tasks, which was unfortunate because something I used to love passionately became a chore that I had to force myself to do.

To keep myself interested in the craft, I started this blog as an outlet and as a way to write about things I loved instead of things that I HAD to write about. It helped sustain that fire in me, but when I saw that I had gone a month without writing here, I knew I had to do something about it.

With all the changes in my life recently, I needed another outlet, one that would allow me to be more expressive and at the same time channel all these new emotions into a new form. I created a poetry account on Instagram where I post thoughts and some poems. Most of my poems have been about my SO since my thoughts go to him naturally and constantly, but I’m also trying to transform my other thoughts and opinions into poetry.

It’s no easy task, but then isn’t that true for anything worth achieving?


Gratitude list

  • clear medical test results: the blood test and ultrasound of my sister cleared her of any alarming diseases or injury. However, there was a slight abnormality in her kidney. The doctor said it goes away on its own and was probably just caused by the stress she’s undergoing (exams season in college). She was advised rest, some medicine, and another checkup later in the year.
  • chocolate spread by Goya: I got hungry and the only food around was Rold Gold thin pretzels. I found an unopened jar of Goya chocolate spread, opened it, and dipped the pretzels in them. Instant afternoon snack.
  • Car: One of my dreams is to be able to own and drive my own car. My family has never had a car, and with my usual carpool companions all gone, I needed a new ride to work. I was tired of being dependent on other people, so I decided to get my own car for my own use and for my family’s. I’m thankful my finances have been better lately, which allowed me to be get a car (new model arriving hopefully this week!) for my family. This is such a great blessing! I can use it to bring my sister to her dorm when I’m free, or bring my mom to do her groceries so she doesn’t have to commute, or whatever or whoever else in the family needs transport. It’ll be so convenient now because I won’t have to be dependent on carpool (no public transpo near my workplace).
  • chat: Facebook Messenger and the Line messaging app has allowed me to stay in touch with Adverbs over the summer break and with my closest friends who live in different parts of the country (one of them is even out of the country). These chat services are amazing! I also love their stickers; they make the chats more interesting.
  • creative writing: Not many people have the talent nor the skill to write creatively. I do not possess such talent, but I would like to develop it as a skill. Just the opportunity to write creatively is something I am thankful for every day.


The first post for the month shall be dedicated to my SO, whom I lovingly call Adverbs.

The nick came from a conversation about a “novel” called Adverbs from the guy who wrote the Series of Unfortunate Events books. I was immediately drawn to the title; what English teacher wouldn’t be? I initially thought it was a book of essays on writing and grammar, but I was in for a then-pleasant surprise when I discovered it was actually a novel. 

Well, that pleasant surprise soon turned to disdain when I realized that it was actually a series of short stories. I was confused at the sudden shift in character perspective from the first to the second character; I thought that the two stories were related. I was sorely mistaken. The first story bored me; the second was meh, and the third? Let’s just say that the third’s not always the charm.
I ranted about this so much to my SO when we were just friends that he joked about calling me Adverbs on a daily basis. I told him I’d call him the same thing. It stuck. Aside from the usual terms of endearments, we use adverbs because it is our own crazy name for each other with an equally crazy love story behind the name (but that’s for a separate blog post).

Writing creatively

I created an account somewhere, and I use it to post some creative writing. I haven’t been writing a lot, and I’ve begun to feel the stress of keeping all these thoughts and ideas inside.

I figure it’s about time I gave creative writing a shot.

Here’s to more new things. 🙂 Cheers. 🙂

2015 in review

My favorite teacher, Rica Bolipata-Santos, posted this writing assignment on her FB account:


Ma’am Rica said that it wasn’t really important to follow the number but that we should “Write [our] year, in honor and in supplication.”

So I choose to write my year in months, with these highlights and disappointments and game changers and things I focused on and forgot remembered in the order they happened.

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A to Z Challenge Reflection

First of all, I SURVIVED!

I barely did the first year I joined in 2013, and then in 2014 I only got halfway through (I think). This year, though, was easier for me for some reason. I was more flexible: not sticking strictly with whatever I had planned for that day (if I had any) and just going with whatever came to mind.

I want to try doing a theme next year. I tried doing that before, but I’ve always had difficulty with the more uncommon letters, so just thinking of a topic was a struggle. Perhaps if there was a way for bloggers to suggest topics for each letter in whatever category then participants wouldn’t get stuck (which might result in giving up).

Reading other people’s blogs was also easier when I discovered the reader function of WordPress. I just typed in the tag “a to z challenge” in the reader and it showed me all blog posts with that tag. The limitation, though, was that I was not able to read much blog posts from other platforms such as blogger or even livejournal.

So because I just came back from the first day of school work, and my brain is fried, this is all I have.

Thank you, organizers. 🙂


Back in freshman year in college for lit class we were asked to do a shrinklit poem where we shrink an entire story (play, novel, short story) into a poem. We were given Trifles by Susan Glaspell, and here is my shrinklit poem (edited already). I’m sharing it because I got a 3.8/4 for this assignment (essentially an A–my first one in that class). Considering I disliked writing poetry this was a huge achievement for me.


Mrs. Wright was jailed for murdering her spouse
Right in the bedroom of their dreary house.
He lay in bed with a rope ‘round his neck
So the sheriff and attorney went to check
To see if there were clues left behind
To tell why murder crossed her mind.
The ladies, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale,
(who went along with the lawful males)
found little trifles in the gloomy kitchen:
cloth for a quilt and jars that were broken.
A bird cage, too, with a broken door.
The bird that the cage was originally for
Was found all dead and oh, what gore!
Its neck was wrung.  ‘Twas a sight so sore!

The bird was Mrs. Wright’s only pet
And the ladies were all too willing to bet
That Mr. Wright killed the poor li’l bird
So the wife, her mind with pent-up anger blurred,
Killed the husband to avenge the bird.
Finally knowing what she went through,
The ladies felt pity (and compassion too).
So they decided to hide the dead bird
From the questioning eyes of the law and its board.
They walked away, the bird in a pocket
Scared but determined. On that you can bet.