Grease Manila

Production-wise, it was great.

The plot was a different story, though.

I hated the ending.

You see, I’ve never seen the original movie, but I’ve always wanted to. And now that Grease the musical was showing, AND one of our colleagues had a major supporting role, I just had to watch it.

The ending surprised me. I knew that Sandy would undergo a transformation, but I never realized what kind of plot twist it would bring about.

I hated it. I hate the message it sent forth.

Then again, this is highly reactionary, and I’m going to sleep on this forth before I say something mean. Or meaner.


War of hearts and minds

War of hearts and minds
Who will pay the price?
Does anybody care?
It’s not make believe
You’ve seen it on your tv screen
I’m glad you’re not here

Take my wild face
If you think it’s funny
Cut my heart out for a souvenir
Take my life please
If you think it’s worth it
I’m glad you’re not here
I’m glad you’re not here

War of hearts and minds
Seven days later,
I still can’t find
Truth and peace
How will I find my way
They say love, love without fear
Is said to be the key
But just look around
No answer to be found

Just the line “war of hearts and minds” kept going in my head this afternoon. 😦

On the bright side, the happy song that got stuck in my head was My Grown-up Christmas List. I want a copy of that song haha


Today’s random quote:
Nail technician: Ma’am, ilang taon na kayo? (How old are you?)
Me: Hulaan mo. (Guess)
N.T.: 19? 20? 26? 27?


The daily grind

Today was just OFF.

Last night, I felt great. I cooked pasta for my food the next day and even cooked extra to share.

The next day, though, as soon as I stepped out of the house, I knew something would be wrong. I turned the corner of my street and realized that I had left my glasses at home. Since I was already running late, I decided to just wing the day without them.

Pasta was eaten during breakfast instead of during lunch because life. (Yes, I just used the conjunction as a preposition. Apparently it’s a thing now.)

My back hurt most of the day.

I was lethargic because of this back pain.

I was hungry most of the day, too, and I don’t even know why because I had pasta for breakfast, a full meal for lunch, and chocolate milk for my afternoon snack (because I didn’t have any other food). <– Oh that’s why.

I also had some Korean twizzle sticks out of desperation to get food in my protesting tummy. Thankfully, boss had a spare pandesal to share. If I hadn’t been in her presence, I would’ve swallowed that thing in one bite.

This cold is making my joints hurt. It’s always been a curse since I was a kid. This is why I’m never migrating to places with cold winters. Or with any form of winter. AT ALL.

Here ends my rant.

I shall spend my evening curled up in bed with a book a student lent me. It looks like a pre-teen book about fairy tales. Meh. A book is a book.


Today’s random quote:

Me:             Bring food for sharing!
Student1:   Miss, seriously?!
Me:             Did you not get hungry from all this labor?
Student2:   Yes!
Me:             There you go.
ALL:           CAN WE BRING CHIPS?!?!?!?!?! (because chips aren’t normally allowed)

Tomorrow, I shall gorge on chips I can scavenge from the kids. And I’ll bring… something.

Mark Twain makes sense

Saw this on FB. (I’m just gonna leave this on here)

“But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most, our one fellow and brother who most needed a friend yet had not a single one, the one sinner among us all who had the highest and clearest right to every Christian’s daily and nightly prayers, for the plain and unassailable reason that his was the first and greatest need, he being among sinners the supremest?
– Mark Twain’s Autobiography”

Bone tired

…not really.

But close enough.

If there’s one thing I can say about my performance today, it’s that I came into ALL my classes unprepared, and this is unforgivable.

The problem is that I’ve taught these lessons before, but for some reason, I just wasn’t fully present in those classes.

So today, for posterity’s sake, I record my day in bullets:

  • free first three periods
    • finished slideshow for review
    • printed worksheets and quizzes
    • wrote letters to parents
    • finished preparing for Prod.Crew/MediaTeam meeting (sort of)
  • 7B: suffixes + worksheets
  • 8A: (swapped with SocSci from yesterday) modals worksheet. class creamed me with questions
  • 20 minute lunch
  • Face to Faith mock sessions for three 50-minute periods
    • facilitator for one period
    • runner for the next
    • participant for the last
  • meeting with Prod and Media
  • blog
  • eat
  • sleep

A long weekend pt. 2

Picture before Leo left

Picture before Leo left

The unit, despite having two bedrooms, was small, but it was enough to house us. I seriously was stunned.

IMG_20141123_113959When I entered, Flora and Em were there holding out tiny gift bags. I thought that those were my gifts already because HOLY COW STAYCATION. At that point, I didn’t care that I wouldn’t be getting anything from my wishlist because I could just imagine how much this had cost them, but it turns out that inside those two tiny gift bags were an assortment of dark chocolates and pink pens for checking–BOTH of which were on my wishlist. I also got both a dark chocolate and milk chocolate birthday cakes and chocolate ice cream. They got the pizza I wanted (Brooklyn White Cheese pizza) for dinner. They got me this lovely framed message board with Instax pics of when I arrived. They also got me Lang Leav‘s Lullabies, which was something not on my list but something I told them about a week before my birthday.

We then spent the rest of the night chowing down on the best barbecue-on-stick and pizza and chips while catching up on each other’s lives. We even got to video chat with Anna who was very heavily pregnant in the US.



THIS, I tell you, is the best birthday present I could have ever ask for.

We are a growing family: Flora was the first to get hitched and have a baby–Audi. Em followed when she married Rommel, a constant “figure” in our group since college because of his shy courting of her. Baby Rui was a gift out of that union. Anna got married ahead of Ana, but it was the latter who met and got engaged to Leo, now her husband. Anna’s ready to pop Aleksey out of her womb any time soon. As for Irish and myself… well. We’re the last two single girls standing. 🙂

I love how we are all leading separate lives yet still able to regularly chat with each other and meet up (save for Anna).



Lunch after checking out at "Simple Lang" at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

Lunch after checking out at “Simple Lang” at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

Final pic before parting. Flora's husband Sunny is here!

Final pic before parting. Flora’s husband Sunny is here!

The Single Ladies

The Single Ladies

A long weekend

My weekend was supposed to start early with errands and work, but I ended up sleeping and eating most of it away.

C360_2014-11-22-12-23-40-628 IMG_20141122_121832

My day started out with a visit from this cutie named Sab. I honestly have no idea who this kid’s parents are (my mom knows them and the grandparents), but I don’t really care. She’s such a sweetheart. 🙂

My friend dropped me off at Makati where I was to do my errands. I didn’t get to accomplish ANYTHING because of long lines and not enough time and a system failure.

First I looked for food. Then, I went in search of that elusive BBW Dancing Waters lotion. It’s kind of impossible to find, apparently. I gave up and then just proceeded to PowerBooks where I spent many a happy hour just browsing. I sat down on the carpet in one section and just piled book upon book on my lap trying to decide which one/s to get with my Php500 gift card. All the books I wanted were around Php700++, so I settled for my second choice books which were thankfully already in mass market paperback editions (HENCE CHEAPER). I settled on Christopher Moore’s Coyote Blue (Php 469) and local literary legend Nick Joaquin’s Candido’s Apocalypse (Php195). The Sherlock story in the picture is for someone else.


Books in front of me…


…and books behind me…


…and then there’s just me. 😀


Book haul of the day. Little did I know that another one would join this merry band of books hours later.

Craving for a cup of coffee (not really), I headed for the nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch that I knew of but was oddly surprised to discover that it wasn’t there. I took it as a sign to stop spending, so I decided to drop by the church that was in the middle of the busy shopping district for some peace  and quiet. I found a seat along the walkway just outside the church because it was already full inside. They were praying the rosary, but it was almost done, so I just sat there and observed the people. Families were posing in front of the carabao statues near the side entrance of the church. People were milling about, not even stopping to glance at the church or make the sign of the cross. Some were busy looking at their phones as they rushed to wherever it was they needed to get to.

I sat there quietly just taking it all in. There’s a certain peace to be had just by sitting and observing, more so in close proximity to a holy place.

A few minutes later, anticipated mass for the Feast of Christ the King began. It’s been a while since I’ve heard mass in that church. The priest is always different, so perspectives and homilies are always varied. Yesterday’s priest said nothing really new, in my opinion, but it was refreshing to hear a lively homily outside school masses.


Decided to head to the small church in the midst of the bustling metropolis to say a quiet prayer of thanks.

When my friend Irish arrived and we finally left the church, we had time to kill before heading on over to our friend’s place where we were supposed to sleep over. It had been a while since we had our last sleepover, so we were all giddy as teenagers. Since there was time to spare, we decided to watch Big Hero 6, but unfortunately, seats were all sold out. We decided to fill our stomachs with something light to get us through the dinner wait..

Irish told me we were to pick something up for her sister somewhere before going to the sleepover. I did not suspect at all that we were actually going to have a staycation at a nearby hotel. I am a clueless and dense person.

You know the funny thing? When Irish told me where we were going, the first thing that came to mind was this guy I dated before. He had a thing there. So I wasn’t exactly looking forward to spending much time in that area.

Irish parked in the hotel basement, which seemed funny at first because I thought only guests parked there. Outsiders were to park elsewhere. BUT YOU KNOW. CLUELESS ME WAS CLUELESS.

We got into the elevator and when it stopped at the ground floor to let more people in, our friend’s husband was there, and he had SUCH a look of guilt on his face that I immediately knew that we weren’t there to pick anything up for Irish’s sister. Worse, he got off on the same floor we did and FOLLOWED US AROUND. Ding ding ding ding ding! Yup, the sleepover would be there. 😀

(Part of me hoped that Daniel Matsunaga would be there, but I figured that would be pushing my luck.)

In any case, we got to the room and when they opened, there were my friends and their babies with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner and cake and food.

crappy phone photo, but it contains SO MUCH HAPPINESS :D

crappy phone photo, but it contains SO MUCH HAPPINESS 😀

Part 2 tomorrow. 😀