Today’s post is brought to you by the letter L.


Today is one of those days when nothing seems to get done because you’re bored and lazy. I tried reading a new book, but I kept getting distracted by my chat with friends on Line.

I got a new phone case. It is now Lifeproofed. (and oh so pink)

Pink background, Lifeproof case, and cord protector.

Pink background, Lifeproof case, and cord protector.

The matte fuchsia and clear lavender cord protector I got from a tiangge* stall in Makati for Php10, but it turns out that I could’ve gotten them from the Lucky Chinatown Mall for only Php5/piece.

When we went to that mall yesterday, my friends and I went on a shopping spree at the annex where all the tiangge stalls were. Everything was so damn cheap we almost cried. From crafting stamps (that I can use in class; I don’t care if they’re too preschool I SHALL USE THEM IN HIGH SCHOOL \o/) to books of wrapping paper  to printed paper strips used for paper stars to the softest blankets ack  but the experience at Lucky Chinatown Mall made us feel both so lucky (for all the cheap finds) and losers (we spent a lot of money). Afterwards we hung out at the Manila Ocean Park (meh) where we fell in love with the sunset over the Manila Bay.

No, that's not me.

No, that’s not me.


*Google tells me that tiangge in English is similar to a flea market seller/stand/whatever.


Holiday Hate

Nobody should be allowed to get married during or right after the holidays (a.k.a. December/January).

I love my friends, but yessssss. The pain of an empty wallet is real.

Shoe lust

I want these shoes.

Someone buy them for me please.

I’m buying this pair for myself. 😀

THESE STEAM PUNK SHOES COST ALMOST P10,000 (shipping included). 😦

Steam punk red heels

birthday wishlist

yes, well. this is tradition. it’s not like i expect all of these things from my friends or family; they’re all “poor” like me. 😀 i just like doing this every year and seeing how many of these the fates will allow me to have. =)

this is the list for now. i’ll update this if i think of something new. 😀


Nine West Eclairs (click image for link)


Nine West Debutante (click image)

  • new stock of pink Stabilo ball pens
  • vintage and/or statement tees (the greenhills tiangge/david&goliath type)
  • a new laptop bag or bag big enough to carry my mac
  • olay total effects facial wash (hard to find here in the philippines)
  • new flat sandals
  • boots. dammit, i’ve longed for these for the longest time. last pair i saw that i loved were in charles and keith all the way in MOA. too far, too expensive.
  • skimmers (PrP doesn’t sell them anymore. boo)
  • jogging pants
  • boyfriend jacket or this one
  • new clothes, bags, shoes basically 😀
  • belle du jour planner 2010 thanks to irish, i can cross this one off my list
  • someone to clean my work table and our condo lol
  • new hoop earrings. i gave mine to anna r.
  • a hair makeover
  • 5k gift certificate to Fully Booked
  • i need my gold necklace chain cleaned. can anybody point me in the right direction? thanks.
  • a year’s supply of goolai salads (only the ones with raspberry or poppyseed vinaigrette please).
  • banapple baked goodie. either the fudgymudgymud pie, classic pecan pie, apple caramel crumble pie, or chocolate chip walnut pie. basta i have one slice all to myself that i don’t have to share… i’m happy 😀

Accupleasure Head Massager

I got this recently as a gift and I’ve just been going around spreading the Accupleasure love.

You see, the Accupleasure Head Massager, when used, gives you a tingly feeling that just absolutely makes you smile and even laugh. I’m not kidding. Everybody I’ve tried it on has smiled, giggled, contorted their bodies while laughing, got tickled, and basically got relieved of stress even just a little.

How does it work? You take the simple machine that looks like a broken whisk, put it on top of your head, then press down. You immediately feel all sorts of tingly sensations in your head and maybe the rest of your body.

Get it at Humor Post, Rustan’s (that’s what I heard) or here (although I’m not sure if she’s still selling). Go go go go go! You HAVE to try it!!!!

soda pop fashion


Soda Pop Vintage Fashion


funky vintage clothes that are very affordable. =)

birthday wishlist

available from Methilation




available from Methilation, High Style Fancies, Shoecrazeee (cheaper, but takes longer to get here)


also available from Methilation


i’m going to go even more broke if i buy any of these pairs. *sigh*