The Planetary Poetry Board


  1. Where does all of the garbage go?
  2. What does the future taste like?
  3. How does the ocean ask for help?
  4. Where on your body is the sky?
  5. Describe an imaginary plant.
  6. How would an ant describe you?
  7. If you house was burning, what will you save?
  8. Where does the smoke come from?
  9. What would you like to tell a blade of grass?
  10. What would be your last meal?
  11. What do the stars whisper to you?
  12. What is the weather like today inside your heart?
  13. What gift would you give a tree?
  14. How fast does time go on the sun?
  15. Where are all the cars going?
  16. Design a dish made out of insects.
  17. What is on the other side of clouds?
  18. Name your own planet and the number of moons it has.
  19. What do you remember with the color green?
  20. How does a mosquito feel in the morning?
  21. How does the sun feel when it looks down at the Earth?
  22. Describe a terrifying shade of red.

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